Engage in a grass
roots experience. Sing with and/or  work on projects alongside
The African Children's Choir in the slums of Uganda and Kenya. Run workshops in local schools. Learn traditional drumming and dance.
 Get physical by assisting in the renovation and building of new projects for vulnerable  kids.
Australian schools, choirs and churches are invited to host ​UBUNTU Africa during their
visit to Australia in 2020.
Host a concert, billet the young adults in your homes or book a cultural exchange workshop  or a masterclass to learn and perfect an African song.

KwaYa supports The African Children's Choir in their sponsorship program that provides an avenue for vulnerable children to gain an education from primary school to university. With an impressive record of helping over 54,000 children we highly recommend the rewarding experience of sponsoring  an African child to become a future leader of Africa.
We believe when like-minded people gather together for a common purpose, magic erupts.
In 2011, thirty five KwaYa adventurers set off on a trip from Australia to Uganda to work in the slums with The African Children's Choir.
Such was the success of the exchange, a unique partnership was born and has become a force unto itself.
 ACC has since hosted KwaYa in Uganda a further five times.  Over 200 Aussies have been afforderd the opportunity to experience a grass roots and life-changing journey working with an organisation that boasts a 34-year history with spectacular results.
KwaYa's seventh trip to Uganda  is in September / October 2019.
"If your heart had a bucket list, this trip would fill it."
Adrian Lehane - KwaYa # 4
After having  been warmly hosted by The African Children's Choir in Uganda, we thought it only polite to return the hospitality.
In 2013, fourteen members of the 42nd  African Children's Choir boarded a plane and headed to Australia to commence a three-month tour of the eastern coast.
Visits were made to local schools and community choirs where culture, music, dance, fun and laughter were shared and cherished.
A further three trips have taken place with the most recent being with UBUNTU Africa in April to July 2018. UBUNTU Africa is made up of secondary school graduates of The African Children's Choir.
Funds raised on tour build new classrooms whilst hundreds of sponsorships are signed benefiting hundreds of vulnerable children in Africa 
We provide opportunities for individuals from different cultures to perform and engage in cross cultural musical exchanges and participate in altruistic life-changing projects.
We raise funds for vulnerable children in Africa by running cultural exchange tours for Australians in Uganda and Africans in Australia.
"Music for life (ACC) is an institution that lives to love the unlovable. Figuratively it is made up of fathers and mothers that never bore us, brothers and sisters that never met us, hands and eyes that never touched us, but minds that perceived us, hearts that loved us…"​
Amanda Rachael - ACC Alumni
Aussies who wish to sponsor a child in The ​ African Children's Choir  or a young adult in UBUNTU Africa can do so here.

KwaYa was founded in 2011 by President Marsha Gusti.
Her aim was to encourage big-hearted Aussies to be involved in projects that make a tangible difference to the lives of vulnerable children.
Since partnering with The African Children's Choir , over seven tours to Uganda and four trips to Australia have seen many building and renovation projects completed and a multitude of children sponsored.  
KwaYa is a charity founded and based on the Gold Coast Australia. It has over 1000 members Australia wide.
We are 100% volunteer run and guarantee 100% of every dollar goes towards the project for which it was raised.

KwaYa Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands, waters and seas on which ​​
we work and live paying respects to Elders, past, present and future.