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Humble Hampers

"This is what Christmas is truly about. Not giving gifts of little use to those who have everything, but giving essentials to those who have nothing."

Marsha Gusti - President KwaYa

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With your help,​​​​​​​​​​​ The African Children's Choir delivers food hampers to families in the slums and remote villages of Uganda.

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Your name, or the name of someone you nominate, is added to your hamper so the family knows who thought of them at Christmas time.

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Each hamper costs $30 and feeds a family for a week.They contain essentials such as rice, flour, beans, vegetables,cassava and maize.

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Buy as many as you like. You can even buy as Xmas presents for friends or each member of your family. Gift certificates available.

Buy a Humble Hamper

$30 feeds a family of 4 for a week


Please send names to go on hampers to

* Choose number of hampers at checkout

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Donations received before 15 December will receive photos before Xmas. 

Donations received after 15 December will receive photos in the New Year. 

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