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Ugandan school kids

Big Hearts

We can't predict emergencies in life.  The Big Hearts Fund raises funds to help families in Uganda when accidents happen or things go drastically wrong.

4 kids with tyre

After a trip to Uganda in 2013, a small group of Kwaya members saw a need to raise funds to provide emergency medical assistance to families and children who fall outside The African Children's Choir sponsorship program.

Cases are monitored and monies are distributed by our partners, The African Children's Choir based in Uganda.​


One-off gifts or monthly donations of any amount are welcomed and deeply appreciated. 

Sarah nursing Isaac hospital

Isaac's Story

Isaac Lwanga was involved in a boda boda (motorcycle) accident. He sustained a compound fracture in the femur (largest bone in the leg), whereby it broke in two places and a shard of bone pierced the skin. He also broke both his wrists. Luckily he sustained no head injuries. 

Isaac was taken to Mulago Hospital where he received primary care. They re-set the bones in his wrists and also plastered his leg . 

The day after his accident we arrived at the hospital to find Isaac on the floor with no mattress. Big Hearts was able to move him to a ward where he received better care.

Isaac required surgery to set the bones in his leg. He needed metal plates  to support the bone and the shard of bone was removed. 


During his lengthy recovery he had to use a wheelchair and needed intensive physical therapy and 24-hour care. 

Big Hearts covered UGS3,000,000 (AUD $1326.840) of his medical costs.    

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