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Enoch Kiwanuka
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Innovative Glass Recycling by Enoch Kiwanuka

Eight years ago I started recycling glass bottles. I made a bedside lamp for someone's birthday gift. Soon I had requests for other lamps; I have made 17 of them. 

My love for nature was one of the forces that kept me going. Glass is a non-bio-degradable material. This means anywhere it is dumped it remains for years (some environmentalists claim up to one million years) and damages the echo system. In my country (Uganda) we don’t recycle that much because of lack of awareness, capital and the much needed skills. Waste is dumped in water sources, alongside streets and in forests. 

Because of this I started collecting bottles from which I made tumblers, stationery, bulb and candle holders to be re-used in homes. I have collected over 2000 bottles and have recycled over 500. I am hoping to expand and make sure that no bottle or piece of glass goes to waste. I know, even at this stage, I have had a significant effect on our magnificent environment. 

To all environmentalists out there, keep up the work because with everyday that goes by there is more reasons to protect our environment. 

Buy one of my recycled glasses and you too will actively contribute to the protection of our resources which have increasingly become shared all around the world.

I ship to anywhere in the world. Please contact me for a quote.



Kind regards 

Enoch Kiwanuka

Enoch glass making
Glass Recycling
Enoch half bottle


Pieces are made to order. Below are examples of my work. Please contact me to find out more.


Blue Base Short Small Single 

H6.5cm x W6.2cm

Two glasses

Blue Base Short Pair

Large H7.5cm x W9cm

Small H6.5cm x W6.2cm

Blue Flute

Blue Top Large 

Large H14cm x W8.4cm

Small H12.8cm x 6.6cm

Green tumbler

Green Base Short Single 

H11cm x W7.2cm

Blue glass set

Blue Bottle Set

9 pieces

Painted bottles

Painted Bottles Assorted

Green goblet

Green Goblet 

H14cm x 7.4cm

Mosaic vase

Mirror mosaic vase

Height; 15.5cm

Diameter; 8cm

Etched vases

Etched Vase 

H20cm x W7.4cm

Etched bedside lamp


Splinters 12(h) x 2(w)cm and 

Ring 6cm diameter x h-1.5cm

Etched Bedside Lamp 

H28cm x 4.5cm x 10cm x 3cm

Etched green tumblers

Etched Green Base

Diametre 7.5cm x H 20cm

Di McQueen headshot

Enoch is a resourceful, inspiring young man with a passion for the environment. His creations are beautiful, practical, inventive and best of all, use materials that would otherwise become landfill. 



Di McQueen​

Bellingen, Australia

Bibs and Bobs bottle

Long Green Bits and Bobs

L  32cm x H 5cm

Cate Jaede headshot

Enoch's glasses are beautifully crafted and a joy to drink out of. They travelled safely home from Uganda to Australia where they have been much admired.

Thank you again Enoch . We love them!​



Catherine Jaede

Melbourne Australia

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