Interactive Masterclasses and Workshops


Elaine Coates Musical Director
Women in Harmony Choir Toowoomba
​"The UBUNTU ​​​​​​​​​​​​​workshops we have had in Toowoomba have been a blast! Members of the public of all ages were encouraged to participate by the enthusiasm and skills of the young performers. It was done in such a way that nobody felt awkward or excluded. The atmosphere of joy and sense of achievement was palpable. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Our choir also hosted UBUNTU masterclasses on each of their visits. The choices of songs available mean any choir, any type, size and age group can be assured of a fantastic learning session on the day. They are then geared with an authentic performance piece stylistically correct and imbued with a flavour that can be taught only by members of the culture from which it came.
An experience to remember and a unique resource for any choir's repertoire." 
Elaine Coates - Women in Harmony

KwaYa Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands, waters and seas on which ​​
we work and live paying respects to Elders, past, present and future.

Workshop at Vincentia High School
"Our school has hosted KwaYa Australia a number of times and one of the highlights for our students is the ​​​​​​​workshop! This hands-on session involving drumming and dancing is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the African Culture. It is such a wonderful cultural exchange and a  ‘must do’ experience that I whole heartedly recommend. 
Hosting a masterclass with UBUNTU is a once in a life time opportunity to work closely with these extremely talented and inspirational young Africans. Spending valuable time singing and dancing with UBUNTU Africa is uplifting and I’d say life changing. Don’t miss out, book a masterclass now!"
Karen Cunningham - Community Liaison Officer- Vincentia High School
Masterclass with Cool Harmonies Choir
One of the most uplifting and exciting experiences Cool Harmonies Community Choir enjoyed last year was hosting an UBUNTU ​​​​​​masterclass. We had the unique opportunity of singing and dancing alongside these inspiring young Africans, who taught us how to bring their traditional harmonies and body movement alive with a wonderfully simple but engaging song from Nigeria.  This is a joyous cross cultural exchange not to be missed and one I can guarantee your choir members will remember every time they share the song together. 
Yvonne Corstorphin – Cool Harmonies Community Choir

Jubila Singers experienced the delight of having Ubuntu give us a ​​​​​​masterclass on a memorable evening in 2018.  We are a 40+ voice choir which sings music in harmony from all over the world, so although we have African music in our repertoire, we found it inspiring to work with these talented singers and drummers to gain an understanding of the cultural home of these beautiful songs.  We much appreciated the enthusiasm and sheer energy of the young singers from Ubuntu, and the professionalism of the organisation. We look very forward to their return in 2020.
Jane Beckel Musical Director - Jubila Singers

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