Aussies in Kenya and Uganda


Do you want​​​​​
  • An adventure?
  • To make a difference?
  • To go to Africa? 
  • A grass roots experience? 
You don't need to be a singer to ​join our
humanitarian, musical
and cultural exchange
tours in Africa.
Experience a personal journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and realizing our role in the bigger picture.
Authentic explorers set off for a two-week life changing experience to work alongside The African Children's Choir in the slums of Uganda or Kenya.
KwaYa Australia’s altruistic, musical and cultural exchange tours afford big-hearted adventurers opportunities to not only give back in a tangible and meaningful way, but a chance to enjoy the people of Africa and their culture at a grass roots level.​​

Based on the popularity of our cultural exchange tours over the past four years, it seems Kwaya is supplying the soothing scratch for many of the frantic itches being felt by disgruntled Australians yearning for more.
In March 2021​​ we will be taking our KwaYa #8 team stunning ​​Kenya.
If you have already been on one of our popular Ugandan trips you might ask what's different.
Two words. Masai and Beaches
Don't worry, for those who have not travelled on one of our Ugandan trips we will be returning to Uganda in Sept 2021.
Our advice is to book early as tours are popular and spaces are limited.


"Come on over....!"
  • To live the message of joy and hope for Uganda and Kenya's children​.​​​​​​​​
  • To engage in a unique and life-changing immersion in a grass-roots cultural and musical exchange
  • To raise funds for ground-breaking and innovative self sustainability projects.

  • KwaYa travellers help change the lives of those less fortunate with funds raised in their local communities before they leave for Africa. 
  • We deliver educational material and financial donations to schools and provide gifts of basic essentials to local orphanages.  
  • We  conduct cross cultural workshops at local schools. Each participant is encouraged to tap into their artistic skills (obvious or latent) to be a part of fun, informative and uniquely Australian workshops for the children in slums and remote villages. 
  • We engage in renovation projects in the schools in the slums of Kampala and Nairobi.
KwaYa travellers can join the KwaYa choir made up of singers from Australia plus talented young African university students who grew up in the African Children's choir. ​​​

They will perform with the Young Africans for a number of audiences around Kampala culminating in FREE concerts for the disadvantaged. 

​kwaYa’s Uganda project will demonstrate, yet again, the powerful role music can play in changing the lives and fortunes of individuals; and in building stronger communities through a shared love of music.

Don't sing? Come along and work on projects in the slums or join a workshop where you will interact up close and personal with vulnerabel children.

“I thought I was going to make a difference; however I returned having had that 'difference' made to me.
Two weeks of travel, culture, singing, dancing, giving, receiving, friends, family, community! Really, what else is life about!"
Renee Wilson 
KwaYa #2 (2012)

The ACC Music for Life Outreach Program involves Kwaya travellers visiting and working in the slums and remote villages of Uganda or Kenya where many of the choir children were born and raised.
KENYA - Sat 13 - Sun 28 March 2021

$5100 all inclusive
($4900 if paid in full by 1st December 2020)

  • Return flight to Nairobi from Melb, Bris or Sydney
  • Accommodation 14 nights twin room (single avail)
  • Food 15 days
  • Transport 15 days 
  • Cultural Exchange Workshops
  • Rehearsals and Performances with UBUNTU Africa
  • Visit and work in Masai Village 
  • All Activities 15 days
  • Admin Costs
KENYA - Sat 13 - Sun 28 March 2021

UGANDA - 18 Sept to 3 October 2021

Big-hearted singers ​​​​​and/or helpers from Australia travel to Uganda and/or Kenya with KwaYa where they will be hosted by the African Children’s Choir. 
Note: You do not have to be a singer to join our tours.

UGANDA - 18 Sept to 3 October 2021
$4850 all inclusive
($4650 if paid in full by 1st June 2021)​​ 

  • Return flight to Entebbe from Melb, Bris or Sydney
  • Accommodation 14 nights twin room (single avail)
  • Food 15 days
  • Transport 15 days 
  • Cultural Exchange Workshops
  • Rehearsals and Performances with UBUNTU Africa
  • Visit and work in traditional village
  • All Activities 15 days
  • Admin Costs