​The #1 complaint of singles everywhere is where to go to meet someone new. Whether they’re 25 or 65, singles are always on the lookout for places to meet members of the opposite sex beyond the bar scene. Follow these steps for throwing a happening house party and set the stage for an intriguing singles scene.

1. The Date
Midweek gatherings are great prep for weekend fun. Gives guests a chance to make new friends for future activities. Weekend parties are ‘the date night’ of the singles week. 

2. The Invitation
Nothing beats the VIP feel of an offline custom invitation for building excitement. Depending on the size of the party you can use a mix of both. Create print invites with intriguing elements of the night to come. 
Go glam with gilded boxes from the local stationary store filled with an inexpensive corkscrew, metallic shredded paper, and party details. Invite guests to arrive with a bottle of their favorite libation and ‘uncork the fun.’
Tell them it is a fundraiser and what the funds are for. Charge a participation fee.
Don’t forget to follow up with a phone call to get an accurate guest count and to convey last minute details.

3. The List
Who you are going to invite depends on the size of the space and the experience you want to create. Make sure you invite an age group that will feel comfortable with each other.

Invite the number the space holds plus 20% to achieve a pleasant crush. Plan on having guests stand versus sit, it makes mingling moves easier. Do have something strategically placed seating for more intimate conversations. 
Keep the numbers of the opposite sex as even as possible but don’t stress out too much. Remember women tend to RSVP early. Men often don’t make plans till the last minute. Encourage friends to invite their other single friends to fill out the numbers.

4. I.D. Required: 
Make it easier for people to meet – create name badges from blank buttons printed with catchy phrases like
‘Will ____ for food’ , ‘For One Night Only I’ll______’ .  Have guests fill in the blanks and write his or her name with permanent markers.
Make sure to introduce guests to each other as soon as they arrive. The biggest fear for singles ‘I won’t know anyone.’

5. The Fun Factor

Icebreakers are key. Singles often seem to be at a loss for words when trying to engage other singles. Give them something to talk about.
SINGLES BINGO - Can be used for groups of up to 30 people in size. 
If you already know a few things about the participants, create a list of interesting facts about them, like “plays guitar” or “always does the morning crossword”.  If you don’t know the participants very well, use more general descriptions that probably apply to multiple people, like “is fanatical about coffee”, “has been on holiday to Europe”.
Now create bingo cards where each number square has one of these descriptions written in it.  These sheets are handed to participants who will then talk to each other in an effort to find someone who matches one of the squares.  When they do find someone who “is fanatical about coffee”, that person signs their bingo square.  The first person to reach 10 signed squares wins.
This icebreaker is usually quite popular with adults and can lead to some funny responses.  Form groups (max of six) made up of both sexes. Each participant in the group says three things about themselves — two truthful things and one lie.  The other participants can guess which one is the lie and give a reason why they think so.  You can elicit some very funny, creative and interesting responses from the group!
Modified version of good old scavenger hunt can work as a party ice breakers for adults! Divide the adults into groups of max five each. Next, give each of the groups a list of things they have to collect from the participants, other than the ones in their group. You can include things like pen, marker, driving license, debit card, handkerchief, chocolate, a pair of glasses, etc.
The rule of the game is that a participant can not take more than one thing from any one person.
Also, while taking the thing, he/she has to ask the name of the person which he/she has to repeat at the end of the game. The group which is able to get all the items in the shortest time and remember the name of all the people who gave them those items is declared the winner.
 Pick up assorted sizes and types of screws and bolts at your local hardware store. Give the women the screws and the men the bolts watch the chaos and chemistry increase as individuals try to find their match. The spirit of competition always draws people in.
This is a great opportunity to add extra ways to fundraise. The balloon popper is a brilliant one.

The Drink
Create a signature drink. It’s a great conversation starter. Takes the load and expense of a full bar off the host. You can chill the concoction in advance in pitchers. Get a colorful collection of inexpensive ice buckets and let guests add ice and serve themselves. Make sure to print up drink recipe cards for those who want to relive the evening at home. And the after party buzz is sure to mention your bartending brilliance.

The Food
Ask friends and family to make up creative, homemade, tasty finger food. 
Strategically placed mini-bites throughout the room are also great for singles mingling. Even if they’re hungry they, they don’t have to break a great connection if a tasty morsel is never too far away. Also if they’re feeling the need to escape a conversation, they make a run for the dessert table across the room which they haven’t sampled.

The Music
Stay engaged in sound management. Pump up the volume for first arrivals. The music will fill the empty space and keep early guests from feeling that the party hasn’t started yet. As the numbers increase make sure you turn the volume down. They shouldn’t feel the need to compete with the music when making a great impression.
Skip the slow jams in favor of up-tempo beats. Even if they’re not dancing a little sway in their hips for a more relaxed interaction. 

The Finale
Make sure you’ve got blank paper and pens strategically placed throughout the space. There’s nothing worse than finally getting there and not having the proper equipment to seal the deal. Your guests will silently thank you for being so thoughtful.

Bonus The After Party Scene 
Be prepared to field the can-you-get-me-his or-her-number voice mails. Your guests will undoubtedly cast you in your new role as matchmaker. You can play post office and pass messages along but don’t divulge guests’ personal information no matter how certain you are the parties belong together.