All you need to know about your trip to Africa

1. How safe am I travelling to Africa?
The African Children's Choir rely on teams such as ours to travel to Ugandsa and Kenya to assist in their projects. 

The following stats will help put it into perspective:

• Teams such as ours have been travelling to Uganda since 1995 (15 years)
• To date no-one has been lost and everyone has returned home safely.
• Teams are greeted upon arrival and are assigned a bus and our own personal  Host/Driver/Escort/Guide. The guides stay with the team every step of the way from arrival to departure even sleeping at the same accommodation.
• There are guards on the gates at our accommodation 24 hrs a day. This is to protect us from anybody who may have ideas about stealing from the "wealthy white folks".

All travellers must make their own decision about whether they feel comfortable travelling to Africa. Travel insurance is ESSENTIAL and must cover volunteering overseas (Credit Card Insurance does not cover volunteering overseas). Australian travellers contact Amber our Travel Agent for a group insurance price
[email protected]  1300 359 042).

2. To participate, do I have to belong to a choir?
No. You may join the project as a singer but are more than welcome if you do not wish to sing. We have plenty of activities to accommodate everyone.. 

3.  How much will the tour cost me and how do I pay? 


UGANDA - $4850  all inclusive 
($4650 if paid in full by 1 June 2019)

Return flight to Entebbe from Melb, Bris or Sydney
Accommodation 14 nights
Food 15 days
Transport 15 days 
Cultural Exchange Workshops
Rehearsals and Performances with UBUNTU Africa

Visit and work in remote village with locals
All Activities 15 days
Admin Costs

KENYA - $5100  all inclusive 
($4900 if paid in full by 1 June 2019)

Return flight to Nairobi from Melb, Bris or Sydney
Accommodation 14 nights
Food 15 days
Transport 15 days 
Cultural Exchange Workshops
Rehearsals and Performances with UBUNTU Africa

Visit and work in remote masai village 
All Activities 15 days
Admin Costs

Payments can be made directly into ANZ bank account.

BSB: 014636
A/C: 269063557
NAME: Kwaya Australia

4. How much deposit do I need to confirm my spot. 
We ask for a $500 non refundable deposit once you have been accepted. 

5. Can partners/family come along ?
Partners and family members are welcome and can attend as a singer or helper.

6. Can I extend my own trip beyond the organised length?
Absolutely! You can stay past our return dates. We highly recommend one of the
  safaris we offer post tour. 
Note: There will be a small charge by the airline to exit from the group return date and change to your new return date. 

7. How much money do I have to fundraise for the projects?
Although the minimum amount raised to be a part of the tour is $750, we encourage participating members to attempt to fundraise more so we can make a real difference with the projects we have planned. The more you raise, the more we can do! We do guarantee that 100% of every dollar you contribute will go directly to the project.  
Fundraising Ideas.

Costs for tour are to be funded privately by participants. If you intend to fundraise for your tour costs, as a matter of law, it must be made very clear that that is what the funds will be used for when fundraising. 

Fundraising is a compulsory component of the tour. 

NOTE: All people fundraising will be required to become a member of Kwaya to enable them to legitimately fundraise for the project. Sign up  HERE. 

8. What songs will we be singing when performing in Uganda?
We will be singing approx 3 songs. We provide learning tracks to all participants to learn the songs 3 months prior to leaving for Africa.

We tighten the performance as one group upon arrival in Uganda. 

9. Do I have to be a good singer?
If you are able to independently learn your singing part prior to the tour...you are welcome to
register your Interest as a singer in the choir. 

10. I don't sing...can I still be a part of the tour?
Absolutely! Please
register as a helper. 

11. Will I need vaccinations to travel to Uganda?

Yes. Some are compulsory. Check with your doctor. 

12. What is the weather like?
Uganda and Kenya has a typically tropical climate with little variation in temperature throughout the year. Distinctive wet and dry seasons characterise the climate of most of the country. The dry season is generally from December to February and mid-June to mid-August. The two rainy seasons are from March to May, and September to November. However we experienced 99% sunny days in September/October. 

13. Do I need insurance?
Travel Insurance is compulsory. Amber from Travel Associates is offering Australians a group price.
NOTE: You need insurance that covers volunteering overseas. Credit card does not cover volunteering overseas.

 ( [email protected]  1300 359 042)

14. Is there mobile phone coverage in Uganda and Kenya?
Yes. Good coverage if you are on international mobile roaming. There is also limited wi fi internet access at our accommodation. 

15. Do I need a visa to get into Uganda or Kenya?

Yes. You will purchase a visa upon arrival. Approx US$50. You will also need a passport valid for three months beyond the date of entry. 

16. Can I exchange money in Uganda and Kenya ?
For this tour, you may need a small amount of personal spending money. We visit a few local markets where you can buy souvenirs. When bringing AUD or US Dollars – they need to be 2003 or newer – clean – not heavily used or have tears on them.  Just clean and crisp dollars – also stick to 50 and 100 Dollar Bills – anything less will get you less in an exchange rate.

17. Where will I be staying and how about food?
Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the guesthouse and lunches will be arranged on site  by our hosts.  Your accommodation is basic youth hostel style with twin rooms.
It will depend on what project we will be working on at any given time, but we can't imagine moving more than once. 

18. What can I expect on tour? 
This will be life changing experience for all involved.  

19. What do I need to bring?
HERE  for details. 

20. How do I know my fundraising will go towards the project?
KwaYa is a fully registered charity and we are bound by law to direct funds towards the projects for which they are raised. We will be handing over funds whilst on tour to the organisation for the projects for which the funds were raised.

21. What happens if I cannot meet my fundraising target?
It is a condition of travel that the full amount of $750 per traveller fundraising is met. 

22. Can I take some gifts for the African Childrens Choir?
Please check with Marsha for our WISH LIST.

23. Do I have to be religious to join the tour?
Although The African Children's Choir is a religious entity, they do not require volunteers to be of any particular religious persuasion. You will however be required to attend church services as required and sign an acknowledgment that you will respect their religious beliefs whilst being hosted by them.

24. Will I be allowed to take my video camera? 

25. Will I have to have a blue card to work with the children? 
All participants will require a police clearance to work with children. In Australia, these can be obtained by applying online through the Australian Federal Police. They check to see that you don't have any sexual offences against  children. Blue Cards or WWC Cards are also acceptable.
 Police Check Application Forms

26. Do I have to sign any waivers or agreements?
Yes. See 

27. What happens if I change my mind and want to cancel my trip?
You will forfeit your initial deposit of $500.
You will receive a refund minus flight cancellation fees plus 30% of the KwaYa component of the package. 

28. How old or young can I be on your tour?
We accept people from 18 to 80 years. Children from 12 to 17 years are accepted if accompanied by an adult.

29. How and when do I know I have a place on the tour? 

Once you have registered you will be notified of the results within seven days.