Kwaya # 7 Fundraising

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We guarantee 100% of monies raised go towards projects funding education for vulnerable children in Uganda. 

A chance to win an exquisite hand-spun/hand-knitted shawl.

KNITTED BY: Belinda Daniel



​​​"These shawls are knit by me from hand spun yarn which I made myself from black suri alpaca fibre plied with silk sewing machine thread. The patterns used are Russian lace patterns from the Orenburg region of southern Russia.
It took me about a year to knit this large square shawl working on average an hour every day for a year.
My shawls have won prizes at the major agricultural shows in Australia.
It is hard to put a monetary value on them due to the huge amount of time involved, but at a minimum of 350 hours of knitting time plus the time to spin the yarn, the value probably is in the order of thousands of dollars."

First Prize - Shawl 130cm square 
Second Prize - Shawl  90cm x 6ocm
DATE DRAWN: 6 July 2019