UBUNTU Africa Tour April to July 2020


​Opportunities for three cultures to come together to share songs, stories and music are rare in Australia.  In the  Building Bridges tour we are proud to extend an invitation to Non Indigenous Australians to attend ​and participate in ​​ workshops and concerts.
Those who wish to acquire   a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture, language and music will enjoy an interaction with tribal members in their area. There may even be an opportunity to learn an Aboriginal song.  Seeing two ancient cultures come together in one space is an experience not to be missed.
If you are an Australian choir you are invited to work and sing alongside local and international renoened artists. Aapply to be a support act at our concert. We encourage you, through song, to share an uplifting message about human connection.  
 As a powerful end to the concert, you will join us on stage where three cultures come together for a moving finale, singing a song chosen to remind us of the power of connection through music. 
Australian schools and choirs are also invited to host ​UBUNTU Africa during the tour.
Hosting a concert ensures your place as a participating choir performing in the concert. Or choose to immerse your home with love by billeting the young adults from UBUNTU Africa. You can also book a cultural exchange workshop  or masterclass to learn more about Aboriginal and African culture and music.

All proceeds go towards the education of vulnerable children through the African Children's Choir program. Education is not free in Africa and we are proud to guarantee 100% of proceeds go towards a quality education from  primary school through to university. With an impressive record of already helping over 54,000 children to become  future leaders in Africa, you can be sure your invovement will make a dramatic difference. .

heart to heart, soul to soul

To host a concert, book a masterclass or
workshop with UBUNTU Africa  

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KwaYa Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands, waters and seas on which ​​
we work and live paying respects to Elders, past, present and future.