UBUNTU Africa in Australia
Every two years, fourteen ACC high school graduates hit the stages in cities and towns up the eastern coast of Australia. After the three-month tour students return to Africa to commence their university studies.
Whether performing in grand theatres for VIPs or school halls for eager students, they wow their audiences with a cultural extravaganza the
likes of never having been seen  in Australia.
Schools and community choirs have the unique opportunity to host concerts, workshops or masterclasses with these stellar young adults.
All funds raised on tour go towards new building projects that provide high level facilities for the education of vulnerable children livimng in the slums and remote villages in Africa.
UBUNTU Africa Tour
April to July 2020


The UBUNTU Africa "A BRIGHTER DAY" Tour (April to July 2020) celebrates a coming together of three cultures.  ​
Ugandans,  Kenyans and  Australians gather to connect with Australian metropolitan and regional schools and communities up the eastern coast of Australia.  ​ 
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  • To spread the message of joy and hope for Africa's children​.​​​​
  • To engage in unique cultural and musical exchanges with local communities in Australia.
  • To raise funds for the construction of new buildings affording quality facilities for students in Africa.
  • To sign new sponsors ensuring the long term education of even more vulnerable children in Africa.
  • To expand the horizons of UBUNTU Africa as they prepare to enter university.
KwaYa formed a partnership with The African Children's Choir in 2011 after a cultural exchange trip to Uganda.
Being that we are an integrity and result driven charity, we are careful as to whom we align ourselves.
ACC has been in existence for 34 years and has helped educate over 54,000 children. 
KwaYa and its members have raised substantial funds for the organistaion in the past seven years. We continue to support them because we witness where the money is spent when we travel to Uganda every second year.
  • Australian schools and community choirs host a spectacular cultural concert to raise funds for ACC projects in Africa.
  • ​​School and community choirs are invited to be the opening support act plus join UBUNTU in  the finale song.
  • UBUNTU Africa members are offered opportunites by local businesses to job shadow for a day .  
  • Masterclasses are conducted with local choirs where an African song with choreography is taught to performance standard. 
  • Workshops where the cultures of Africa and Australia are shared are undertaken at local schools.
  • Host families in each area enjoy getting to know the members of UBUNTU Africa by offering to have them stay in their homes.
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The three month tour starts in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria in April and finishes on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in early July.
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are visited along with many regional stops along the way.
KwaYa Australia, UBUNTU Africa, The African Children's Choir,  local Australian schools and choirs and over 1000 KwaYa members join together to create magic.

The tour is held every two years. The next tour is April to July 2020.

To host a concert, book a masterclass or workshop with UBUNTU Africa Tour 2020