KwaYa is proud to support overseas artists​

Frank Kuteesa was selected at 8 years of age to travel the world with The African Children's Choir #25. Upon his return to Uganda, through sponsorship, he received a quality education that continues into university .
"Before I joined school I was already an artist in the making. I used to draw lions, tigers and cow figures which we had for real in our own back yard. I used to draw these across the whole compound irritating everyone because I screamed at those who walked through them. Each day I rubbed and redesigned the compound with new drawings. It became a habit. 
When school began I was given blocks and pencils. Science, social studies and English books became art books which caused a few problems with my teachers.
Later I entered an art contest and won 1st prize.  I also drew of a portrait of the Queen of England, which I presented to her during the Choir’s performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee." 
Frank toured Australia with UBUNTU Africa in 2016. Upon returning to Uganda he joined the university of his dreams (Makerere University) and is now studying a degree in Industrial and Fine Art, which is a three-year-course. 
Frank is using his talent in art to create ball point portraits to earn extra income that helps him with providing essential needs whilst at university. 
​“I also do bit of oil painting and creative fiction writing." Frank Kuteesa
Frank Kuteesa

Email a photo of yourself, a family member or a friend and let Frank work his magic.
Choose more than one person to a drawing. 


A5 - 148 x 210mm  - AUD $40

A4 - 210 x 297 mm - AUD $50

A3 - 297 x 420 mm- AUD $70

Prices are for one person in drawing.
For every extra person add AUD $10
Framing not included.

MEDIUM - Black Ball Point Pen on white art paper 
 1. ​​Place order below.

2. Email a portrait photo (the highest resolution you have) to [email protected]

Each sale helps with extra costs as Frank attends university. He  is donating a portion of his fee to The African Children's Choir.
A5 - AUD $40 one person
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A4 - AUD $50 one person
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A5 - AUD $50 two people
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A4 - AUD $60 two people
A5 - AUD $60 three people
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A4 - AUD $70 three people
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A5 - AUD $70 four+ people
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A4 - AUD $80 four+ people
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A3 - AUD $70 one person
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A3 - AUD $80 two people
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A3 - AUD $90 three people
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A3 - AUD $100 four+ people
Due to inhibitive international postage costs your drawings are unable  be sent by mail from Uganda. They will be carried by friends of KwaYa who will be returning to Australia mid December 2018 and mid January 2019 so get your orders in now.
We will contact you as soon as they arrive to inform of postage costs to your area and arrange delivery.