kwaYa Scholarships are designed to provide opportunities for emerging Indigenous artists that they may not otherwise have been able to enjoy.

The Kwaya Sponsor Scholarship has a strong focus on altruistic endeavours and provides exposure and assistance to ensure that the artists gain a cultural experience that will not be forgotten. 
Recipients not only have an opportunity to give back to a sister community either in Australia or abroad, but have access to high level musical mentoring from some of the best facilitators in the industry. 

If you fit the following criteria, you may be eligible 
to receive one of kwaYa's scholarships to travel to Uganda in 2014 or 2015. 
Contact us here...
Be defined as an aboriginal within their community.
Have a serious commitment to and love of singing. 
Be in financial need.
Recipient must be prepared to raise $750 to go towards fundraising for the orphan projects in Uganda. (Kwaya will assist and give guidance). 
Commit to learning songs. 

The successful recipient must be prepared to provide an outcome report within one month of the completion of the tour. Failure to provide this report will result in loss and repayment of scholarship.

Questions for Outcome Report
Question 1:How did you feel travelling to Uganda for the first time?

Question 2:As an emerging artist what did you feel you gained working and performing under the Musical Director and alongside professional international performers and artists?

Question 3:What did you feel you gained from engaging in and experiencing first hand a social, cultural and musical educational interaction with the people of Uganda?

Question 4: The African’s Childrens Choirs has used music to not only become a successful organization that does much good in it's local communities, but to the world acclaimed musicians in their own right. What do you think could be done in your local Aboriginal community to achieve the same results?

Question 6:Kwaya Australia Inc believes that participation in creative art is an extremely successful method of social inclusion and healing in indigenous communities. What did you see or experience in Uganda that confirmed this belief?

Question 7:What was your musical highlight on the tour and why?

Question 8:What will you take from the experience in the area of developing your musical talents and in what way will you share your achievements in your local community?