KWAYA'S aim is to establish a strong network of support between indigenous and non indigenous singers to enable them to experience once in a lifetime opportunities in a unique musical exchange .

Whilst partaking in the Kwaya Cross-Cultural Connections Program our singers and helpers will also have the opportunity through song to  
"do a little and achieve a lot" 
for disadvantaged women and children.


  • Each year Kwaya travels to remote areas either in Australia or abroad.
  • Our aim is to connect cultures through song, sharing music and understanding each other at a ground roots level.
  • We invite 30-50 singers and helpers to sign up for an experience of a lifetime.
  • Each singer will be expected to fundraise a minimum of $750 which will be donated to the current project...(ieg building a classroom, saving a rainforest, providing health care facilities, renovating a school in the slums etc) 
  • Travellers will be expected to finance their own trips .
  • Singers will learn 4-6 songs in the 6 months prior to travelling. These songs will be sung and shared on tour in a combined Aussie choir. 
  • kwaYa will support travellers during their 9 month journey of fundraising. We have some fabulous and easy ideas to raise your dollars. 

  • All fundraising must be done under the umbrella of "Kwaya Australia Inc".  
  • kwaYa projects are geared towards singers over 18 years of age. 

See here for info on our next tour....
Profits go to Aboriginal Artists and 5% of income from goods sold go to Kwaya Projects