Catherine Jaede - Mornington Peninsula
Retired Physical Ed Teacher in secondary school. Tennis Coach / primary Secondary and Adults 

Total Tally - $31,502.85
@ 22 Sep 2017 (updated daily)
Cate's Tally - $3258.39
TARGET - $30,000
Each face you see below is special. 
All are going to Uganda in Sept 2017 to work in the slums with The African Childrens Choir. 
They are funding their own travel costs but are committed to raising funds for the projects we will be working on.
They each need to raise a minimum of $750. 
100% of every dollar raised goes towards the project in Uganda
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Ann Morris - Sunshine Coast
Briefly a primary school teacher and then something completely different .... 
a debt collector!

Ann's Tally - $778.92
Lisa Cunningham  - Sydney
Business and Events Manager

Karen Cunningham - Shoalhaven
Hairdresser. Student Learning Support Officer. Publicity Officer.

Karen $5584.10 Lisa - $819.10

Angelica Snowden - Canberra
Public Service - Learning and Devt

Angelica's Tally - $794.28
Elaine Coates - Toowoomba
Singing Teacher

Gabrielle Keogh - Huskisson
Head Teacher - Vincentia High School

Cate is one of our regulars. This is her third trip with KwaYa to Uganda. She hosted the Mornington Peninsula leg of the Ubuntu tour. She has raised close to $14,000 on her last two trips. 
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Getting to know the Ugandans we meet to learn more of their culture and to make a difference to as many people as possible. Also singing with them at concerts is very exciting and rewarding! Helping in the slums I feel is a great contribution." Cate Jaede 
This is Ann's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa. She is part of the New World Rhythm Choir who hosted the Sunshine Coast leg of the Ubuntu tour.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - To learn about African culture. Desire to return to Africa and meet the lovely people again ...... after having arrived in Malindi many years ago on a sinking boat that had been damaged at sea.
Mother and daughter team Karen and Lisa will travel to Uganda with Kwaya for their first time in Sept 2017. They are part of the Vincentia High School team who hosted the Vincentia leg of the Ubuntu tour.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "To re connect with the choir members that I met at school in May, to see the work of the ACC and KwaYa and learn about the way they support the children. 
To give something back to society for the privileged life that I have because of the country and the family I was born into. To challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. 
To be part of a group of like minded people who are on the same learning journey. To gain a better understanding of the culture of the Ugandan people." Karen Cunningham
"To get a better understanding of how the ACC support the children of Africa. To learn about their culture. To be part of a team that are making Uganda a better place for the children." Lisa Cunningham

This is Angelica's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa. 
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "To become culturally immersed in Uganda, and contribute to the lives of others in a positive way. I have always held a deep love of music, whether that be playing or listening to it. I also volunteered in Costa Rica three years ago and have been inspired by the propensity for change international volunteering creates ever since. This tour is the perfect combination of my two loves." Angelica Snowden
This is Elaine's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  Elaine is the Musical Director of Women in Harmony, one of the choirs who hosted the Toowoomba/Dalby/Warwick leg of the Ubuntu tour.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Seeing Africa, singing traditional songs, meeting local people in their own environment, helping where I can. I expect to achieve an experience not available anywhere else." Elaine Coates
Elaine's Tally - $5226.59
Ellen Keogh - Wollongong
Nursing Student

This is Ellen's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "I would love to use this opportunity to expand my knowledge and use that knowledge in both my nursing degree and in every day life to raise awareness within my community. It has been my life long dream to move to a third world country to assist as a registered nurse.This tour would open my eyes to the daily health implications that children in Africa face and further inspire me to follow this dream. " Ellen Keogh
Ellen $1929.23 -  Gabrielle - $1929.23

This is Gabrielle's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "To make the most of the opportunity and to help those less fortunate than myself. I was very touched by my experiences with the choir and volunteers at Vincentia High School. Looking forward to the cultural experience and would love to make a difference." Gabrielle Keogh
Jan Field - Melbourne
Retired - Was a busy mother.

Jan's Tally - $1320
This is Jan's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Having been a host I am amazed at these young people and would like to see how the ACC have given so many kids a chance in life. To meet the people and understand their way of life." Jan Field
Danielle Jones 
Sunshine Coast
Youth Worker and Choir Conductor

Danielle's Tally - $1693.77
This is Danielle's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  She is Musical Director of the New World Rhythm Choir who hosted the Sunshine Coast leg of the Ubuntu tour.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Being with wonderful people. Learning and singing wonderful music. Sharing harmony, music, building community." Danielle Jones
Rachel Vanderkroef
Earth Song Global

Rachel's Tally - $847.24
This is Rachel's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  She hosted the Melbourne leg of the Ubuntu tour.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Oneness." Rachel Vanderkroef
Lewis Way
Blue Mountains

Lewis's Tally - $1131.80
This is Lewis's first trip to Uganda with KwaYa. He met Ubuntu when they toured in 2016 and was determined to visit their home.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "To make friends and maintain friendships that I made through hosting the African Children's Choir in my home. To perform and learn with a talented group of performers." Lewis Way
Dr Carol Agnew
Gold Coast Qld

This is Carol's fourth trip to Uganda with KwaYa.  Carol finds that a trip to Uganda feeds her soul and continues to open her heart.That's why she keeps coming back.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "To reconnect with people who she now calls family."  Carol Agnew
Carol's Tally - $1297.18
Tenille Kearney
Teacher/Musical Director 

Michael Pearson

Tenille's Tally - $1031.99
Michael's Tally - $1301.48
Tenille is joining her husband Michael on their first trip to Uganda. They were impressed by the UBUNTU team when Tenille's school (Star of the Sea) hosted them in Brighton, Melbourne in 2016.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "I am coming with an open heart to learn and experience whatever comes my way. I was greatly touched by the Ubuntu choir and wish to give back as much as I can." "
Michael is joining his wife Tenille on their first trip to Uganda. Michael had a lot of fun with the UBUNTU kids particularly on the soccer field during their tour in 2016.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Having seen the work of Ubuntu in 2016 I would like to immerse myself in a new culture and witness the great work that is being done and do all i can to help with this too." "
Kathy McMinn
Plymouth MA - USA
Music Teacher/Choral Director

Kathy is joining us on her first trip with KwaYa to Uganda. She wishes  to learn the details about our program with the hope that she can replicate it in the USA. 
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "I have joined MFL teams in South Africa and I KNOW that this will be a life-changing experience and that I will be blessed beyond anything I can hope to give to this program." "
Kathy's Tally - $1299.37
Matt Helmers
Gold Coast - Australia
CEO - Equestrian Qld

Matt's Tally - $760.18
Matt is joining his Mum, Marsha on her seventh trip with KwaYa to Uganda. Being a member of the KwaYa committee and having met and made friends with many of the ACC crew, a trip to Uganda is the next logical step.
PERSONAL GOALS ON TOUR - "Cultural exchange to broaden understanding and to experience core values outside my comfort zone."
All monies over $30,000 will go to the new secondary school being built by The African Children's choir
We are taking donations up until Sept 23!!!!