kwaYa (Swahili for "choir") Australia was founded by President Marsha Gusti. Marsha has been instrumental in creating a space for singers and adventurers to come together and share music and the desire to "make it count" 
 for the past 10 years.

KwaYa is a fully Registered Charity (No. CH1964) 
Kwaya’s Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for individuals from different cultures to perform and engage in cross cultural musical exchanges and participate in altruistic 
life-changing projects.

 We genuinely care and seek to make 
a positive difference.

We admire and appreciate different qualities.

We recognise the value of all individuals regardless of gender, age, ability, income, education, race or religion.

Our collective strength leads to harmony.

 Keep on working to achieve our goals.

We are all here for each other.  
The Arts - The kwaYa Cross-Cultural Connections Program fosters, promotes and generates cross cultural partnerships between non Indigenous Australian singers, Australian indigenous groups and indigenous communities abroad. 
The arts program aims to: 
  • boost widespread active community participation
  • focus on skills development for emerging artists 
  • advance cultural diversity and preserve cultural heritage 

Our rationale is to afford opportunities that strengthen and develop cultures and encourage social inclusion. 
Benevolence - Kwaya provides unique opportunities enabling non indigenous and indigenous communities to unite and work together on projects that make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged women and children in remote areas in Australia and abroad.
kwaYa is a not for profit incorporated association (with charity status) founded by President, Marsha Gusti
It is based on the Gold Coast, Australia and has a dual purpose.
Marsha Gusti CLICK HERE to read more about Marsha