2019 - 2 weeks in Sept - Sat 28.9.19 to Sun 13.10.19

Big-hearted singers and helpers from all over the world travel to Uganda with KwaYa where they will be hosted by the African Children’s Choir. 

The ACC Music for Life Outreach Program involves Kwaya travellers visiting and working in the slums and remote villages of Uganda where many of the choir children were born and raised.

  • KwaYa travellers help change the lives of those less fortunate with funds raised in their local communities before they leave for Uganda. 
  • We deliver educational material and financial donations to schools and provide gifts of basic essentials to local orphanages.  
  • We  conduct cross cultural workshops at local schools. Each participant is encouraged to tap into their artistic skills (obvious or latent) to be a part of fun, informative and uniquely Australian workshops for the children in Uganda’s slums and remote villages. 
  • We engage in renovation projects in the schools in the slums of Kampala.

KwaYa travellers can join the KwaYa choir made up of singers from Australia plus talented young African university students who grew up in the African Children's choir. 

They will perform with the Young Africans, The African Children's choir and other popular Ugandan artists. for a number of audiences around Kampala culminating in FREE concerts for the disadvantaged. 

kwaYa’s Uganda project will demonstrate, yet again, the powerful role music can play in changing the lives and fortunes of individuals; and in building stronger communities through a shared love of music.

Travellers who do not wish to sing with the choir can help with production or learn a Ugandan musical instrument.
kwaYa is proud to be a partner of the ACC Music For Life Program that has helped educate over 52,000 children over 29 years. The tour to Uganda is entirely self- funded by participants. This tour will provide a group of adventurers the opportunity to experience, first hand, the impact of their contribution. The money we raise will not only change our lives, but also change the lives of countless others who would otherwise have been trapped in a life of poverty and despair.
100% of funds raised go towards the project
• To live the message of joy and hope for Uganda's children
• To engage in a unique and life-changing immersion in a grass-roots cultural and musical exchange
• To raise funds for ground-breaking and innovative self sustainability projects
• To experience a personal journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and realizing our role in the bigger picture.
You Don't Need 
to be a 
to ​join our
Musical and Cultural 
Exchange Tours 
in Africa
Are you an authentic explorer?
Contact: 0433134773 or kwayaaustraliainc@outlook.com
COST  $4650 
($4450 if paid in full by 30 June 2019)
  • Return flight to Entebbe from Melb, Bris or Sydney
  • Accommodation 14 nights
  • Food 15 days
  • Transport 15 days 
  • Cultural Exchange Workshops
  • Rehearsals and Performances with the African Childrens Choir and The Young Africans
  • All Activities 15 days
  • Admin Costs

We are currently accepting applications and expressions of interest for 20 singers and/or helpers who wish to join us on a two-week life-changing trip from Sat 28 Sept to Sun 13 October 2019 led by KwaYa Australia on their seventh volunteering tour to Uganda.
Kwaya Australia’s altruistic, musical and cultural exchange tours afford big-hearted adventurers opportunities to not only give back in a tangible and meaningful way but a chance to also enjoy the Ugandan people and culture at a grass roots level.

"Based on the popularity of our cultural exchange tours over the past four years, it seems Kwaya is supplying the soothing scratch for many of the frantic itches being felt by disgruntled Australians yearning for more. 

Signing up to work with Kwaya in the slums of Kampala and remote villages of Uganda alongside The African Children’s Choir is an adventure expanding humanitarian horizons. " Marsha Gusti - founder and President - KwaYa Australia.


“I thought I was going to make a difference; however I returned having had that 'difference' made to me.
Two weeks of travel, culture, singing, dancing, giving, receiving, friends, family, community! Really, what else is life about!"
Renee Wilson 
KwaYa #2 (2012)
"For me an adventure that included my passion to sing plus a raw grass roots experience of Africa being at the coal face of poverty and making a difference to the lives of the children who in turn enriched my life tenfold."
Bronwyn McInnes
KwaYa #3 (2013) and #4 (2014)

"The trip to Uganda with Kwaya this year was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The people we met were amazing and taught us so much about life, love and laughter. It is hard work, fun, rewarding and I hope to go again next year."
Cate Jaede
​KwaYa #4 (2014) and #5 (2015)
"My trip to Uganda with KwaYa was a vibrant injection of life and love into my soul which will last forever. Spending time hanging out with the Ugandans (children and adults) was the best part!"
Fran Cummins
KwaYa #1 - 2011

"If your soul had a bucket list this trip would cover it !"

Adrian Lehane
​KwaYa Traveller 2014
Caringbah, Sydney
"This trip will fill your heart to bursting; with song, joy, heartache and hope. No-one could leave Uganda unhappy or unchanged!"

Michelle Campbell
KwaYa Traveller 2013
Wollongong NSW

"I experienced not a holiday as a bystander but an opportunity to invest myself into others' lives, working alongside and sharing music joyously together and making some lasting difference." 
Marion Quigley
KwaYa #1 - 2011

"Go for the love of singing and the joy of seeing all those beautiful, open, smiling faces in the slum schools, the choir school, the orphanages and the gospel churches. The Ugandan people are so happy with what they have, so happy to give and share, so ecstatic in their singing and dancing....a lesson in love and life for us all!! "
Jude Mapleson
​KwaYa #3 - 2013
"To have a immense change of heart, enjoy giving to the African's Children's choir and community. No two weeks are like it. Unforgettable!"
Rachael Woods
KwaYa #2 - 2012

"It’s mind-blowing to see so much happiness and generosity amid so much poverty. And the ACC leaders, kids and graduates show that you really can help make the world a better place".
Brendan O’Reilly
KwaYa #2 (2012) and #3 (2013)

"Uganda and the ACC is a truly humbling experience. The people welcome you with open arms (literally!), the music is uplifting and you are genuinely making a difference."
KwaYa #2 (2012)

"My experience in Uganda was life changing with the reality that these beautiful Africans have so little, but are full of love and appreciation for every small thing that comes their way. 
I have learned so many life skills from these wonderful people, and I have changed as a person, to become very humble, taking absolutely nothing for granted."
Lynn  Barbera
​KwaYa #5 (2015)
"Was the most amazing life experience and it opened my eyes to see how they don't have much but are so happy. Uganda and ACC are now my second family. Would do this all again tomorrow. Miss them so much."
Sam Black
KwaYa #4 - 2014

"I came back from Uganda with a new perspective on Gratitude and Happiness. I learnt that Happiness is making the most of what you have got and we have to have Gratitude for how blessed we are. You have to go on this life-changing journey to understand the real meaning of these two words."
Trudie Kampe
KwaYa #3 (2013

"I thought I was going to help, to sing, to give in Uganda. What I received was so much more, the meaning of life, joy and gratitude.‬"
Vanessa Welham
KwaYa #2 (2012)​
"The joy of simply being there, helping, giving time , having my community back home supporting me to go out of my comfort zone.‬"
Deborah Grahame
KwaYa #3 (2013)
"From the moment we arrive we become part of a community of warm-hearted, caring, generous and fun-loving people. By the time we leave we have been reminded of what really matters in our own lives."
Luke Warden
KwaYa #2 (2012) and #5 (2015)
  • Are you looking for an adventure?
  • Are you wanting to make a difference?
  • Have you always wanted to go to Africa? 
  • Do you want a grass roots experience? 
Marsha Gusti - President - KwaYa Australia