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We exchange a song and dance at each school and choir to share at the finale in our concert graciously hosted by our school where the school talent is the support act.

Cultural Exchange
KwaYa Australia is excited to present  UBUNTU, a gifted group of singers, musicians and dancers who were once a part of the world-renowned African Children’s Choir.  Touring the world as small children they graced the stages of Carnegie Hall and the London Palladium performing for US Presidents and Nobel Prize winners with celebrities such as Will Smith, Bob Geldorf, Alicia Keys and Annie Lennox. 

Having now just graduated high school through African Children's Choir sponsorship, these talented 18 - 20 year olds are poised to fulfill their promise by making a difference in their own villages. As they prepare to enter university on their journey to become future leaders of Uganda, they are thrilled to share with Australia how their African dreams are becoming a reality through this inspirational tour.

UBUNTU digs deep to present a spectacular show revealing an extraordinary vibrant culture that is Africa. Audiences are not only entertained and inspired but significantly moved as the transformation unfolds. A spellbound appreciation permeates the theatre as these gifted young adults offer a never to be forgotten experience embracing evocative songs, mind blowing dance moves, haunting harmonies plucked from traditional instruments and masterful drummers pounding out soulful and ancient rhythms. 

See the itinerary HERE
We are looking forward to experiencing 'job shadowing' in local areas of Australia to gain a deeper understanding surrounding the importance of career choice as we move towards our university education.
We visit Australian selected secondary schools and community choirs for a period of 4-7 days for an exceptional opportunity to share music, dance and drumming through our popular cultural exchange workshops. 

We are grateful and excited to be billeted by school and choir families for the chance to deepen the cultural exchange by sharing stories, traditions, games and recipes.
We share our culture, stories and songs in an intimate setting via private and public workshops.
Barnett Twesigome and Abraham Kyingi are a formidable pair who, when released upon a group of workshop participants, have the unique gift of not only engaging both adults and children but evoking in them a desire to drop their inhibitions at the door and join in a fun filled rhythmic African romp . 
Barnett and Abraham are now giving back as leaders in the organisation (The African Children's Choir ) that gave them an education saving them from a life of poverty.  
They, along with talented performers from 'UBUNTU' will lead African drumming and dance workshops.
All who have had the pleasure of working with them know this roof raising event is one not to be missed. 

Want to book a workshop for your choir or school? Contact Marsha 0433 134773 or kwayaaustralia@gmail.com
Barnett Twesigiome
Abraham Kiyingi
Masterclass for Choirs
Sign your choir up for a unique and outstanding musical opportunity.
Expect an hour and a half of intense fun with world-class quality artists. Soak up style, harmonies, dance moves and drumming, jam-packed with African vocal character and tradition.
Our master class equips choirs with the tools they need to go back to their communities and present an authentic performance of a traditional African song. 
You will learn how to deliver a song, perform dance moves and belt out an infectious tribal rhythm whilst focusing on the nitty-gritty of traditional African music.


Prior to the Master class we will send you:

Sheet Music (Choose one of two songs you wish to learn)
Video tutorial of choreography
Learning tracks for each singing part

NOTE: The more practice you manage before the class, the more you will achieve during the session.


During the class 

Singing parts will be perfected
Choreography will be refined
Drummers will receive one on one training


$20 per head - Minimum 50 singers
$10 per head for every extra singer

Learning tools will be sent upon receipt of deposit of $500 at time of booking.

Where possible an opportunity may arise where the learning choir can perform on stage with Ubuntu during their local concert. 

Want to book a masterclass for your choir? Contact Marsha 0433 134773 or kwayaaustralia@gmail.com