kwaYa Australia proudly supports Australian artists. All songs performed on tour are written by Australian Composers. There will be 8 songs selected to be performed on tour plus 2 fun kids songs which we will teach the children in Uganda. 

Selection is a studied and careful process ensuring we have a mixed repertoire that truly showcases a'cappella singing and the Aussie KwaYa. 

1. I Am Australian
Being an Aussie Kwaya on tour overseas it was thought appropriate that we sing at least one Aussie Classic. 

2. Lay Your Burden Down 
A simple song written by choral director Jane Christie-Johnston (Sing Your Life Choir - Tasmania). A number of the members of "Sing for Your Life" will be joining the Uganda Tour in Sept 2011. 

3. My Island Home    
An all time well loved favourite written by Neil Murray, one of Australia's most respected songwriters.

4. Amazing Grace 
This Amazing Grace is as you have never heard it sung before. The call in a traditional aboriginal language and response in English....this one will be a delight to sing and entertain our audiences. 

NOTES from Veronica Lovejoy (Arranger) 
  • Your part is played on the right channel/headphone and other parts are softly together on left channel/headphone.
  • There is a lyric sheet here for your reference for correct pronunciation of the Aboriginal lyrics.
  • Bass - This is sung by a female so it will sound an octave higher than where you need to sing. However, the correct starting note has been given for you. Alternatively, an instrumental version of your part in the correct octave has been provided.
  • There is a Soprano Lead that will go over top of the second and third verse, sung by Rhonda Collard. She will sing the first verse in English and the last two in Aboriginal language.

5. Gari Wurrnggi Mudu - Never Turning Back 
The song has a life of its own and is truly one of few opportunities for anyone in this country to sing in Aboriginal language. Traditional language songs are mostly for ceremony or cultural purposes so permission is rarely, if ever given to sing these songs. GARI WARRNGGI – MUDU offers a new way & sends the message of striving for change together.

6. God is Listening All the Time 
A rare gem. An a'cappella gospel piece written by an Australian. An addictive beat, we are going to have a lot of fun singing this one. 

7. River of Dreams
A beautiful piece written by Harley especially for the Uganda tour. "Water joins the world, the substance that gives life. This song speaks of laying your dreams on a river where they will be taken to the world. Long lyrical lines combine with an African styled descant section. Written for and dedicated to the Kwaya Tour 2011." Harley Mead

8.The Man and the Striped Shark
A song inspired by the writings of Dennis Foley and arranged by Paul Jarman. 

9. Today
Written by Australian Composer Brian Martin. This song is about finding strength in friendship.  Friends can help you through times of need to a place to a place of courage, momentum and freedom.

"At different times in my life I have had struggle and confusion and have always found strength in friendship & community.  I decided that the singing community was a great place to reflect that feeling by hearing the harmony of groups singing together.  So I decided to write the song for choirs as this is one of the strongest reflections of community I have seen." Brian Martin

10. Hine e Hine
Written by Australian Composer Mark O'Leary and arranged by Harley Mead. This is an all time favourite Maori lullaby. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: The music for the tour is copyrighted and has been generously donated by composers. The music is for the use of the tour only and is not to be shared with other entities unless prior approval is sought.