kwaYa Internships

Are you an astute Australian business willing to sponsor a university graduate from the African Children’s Choir in a 
3-month internship in Australia?
  • Increase productivity 
  • Enhance perspective
  • Highly motivated member of your workforce with fresh ideas
  • Give back to the community
  • Support students by enabling economically disadvantaged Ugandan youth to gain a high level experience
Ten years ago, Alice was selected to join The African Children’s Choir program touring the world gaining confidence and a new perspective on life. Part two of the program had her return home to be educated to University level in her chosen career. She has been carefully mentored and supported by ACC to fully realize her potential in accounting, her field of study as a future leader in Uganda.
Alice came from desperate circumstances. To be selected by ACC was a dream come true for her and the remainder of her family.  
She has just graduated university with fantastic results and with your help we would like to offer her the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to work in a reputable Australian business as an intern for a period of three months.

Alice Nambooze 
Graduate in Accounting 2015
KwaYa's Responsibilities

  • Gain relevant Australian visa and liaise with Immigration regarding requirements needed for the internship.
  • Deliver the student to the host's place of business.
  • Find a host billet near to hosts place of business who will provide food and accommodation during the internship
  • Provide volunteer insurance for the student during the internship
  • Provide a small allowance to student for personal purchases
Sponsor Organisation's Responsibilities

  • Provide a three-month internship relevant to the field of study of the student
  • Cover the return travel costs of the student from Uganda to Australia (approx. $3000)
  • Provide a positive, supportive learning environment in which the intern may participate in work that directly correlates to their academic major
  • Ensure that there is appropriate mentoring during the internship

Intern's Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate the highest level of professionalism
  • Respect and follow the sponsor organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Accept and apply critiques and suggestions to daily work in an effort to become more productive and/or efficient
  • Uphold the sponsor organization’s Conduct Code and act in an ethical manner when on and off-site and while representing the host organisation

This initiative is borne out of a partnership between Kwaya Australia Inc ( and The African Children’s Choir ( 

Our aim is to extend and further enhance the ACC’s educational program for vulnerable children in Africa. The program has been in existence for 30 years and has helped educate over 52,000 African children.
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