With your help, ACC plans to deliver 500 food hampers to families in the slums and remote villages of Uganda.

We will add your name or the name of someone you nominate to the accompanying gift card when you purchase one or more of the following food hampers which ACC will deliver to a needy family on your behalf.

You can buy as many as you like!! You can even buy one for friends or each member of your family. 

HOW TO turn your Christmas into a time of true giving by donating a personalised food hamper 
to a needy family in the slums or remote villages of Uganda
A Kane Gusti "Make it Count" Project

“During my seven trips to Uganda to work with The African Children’s Choir, one of the things that impressed me the most was the way in which they celebrate Easter and Christmas. 
Extensive Santa wish lists and a never-ending supply of chocolate eggs are replaced by home visits to those less fortunate where hampers, filled with essentials, are lovingly donated. My heart bursts with pride knowing that I am contributing to a part of something valuable, authentic and precious
I am also proud to include the “Humble Hamper” campaign amongst the Kane Gusti “Make it Count” projects. To give back in his name helps us through the pain of losing him, felt more poignantly at family times like Christmas. We will never fully heal or understand why he mysteriously passed away in his sleep at the age of 25, but we will continue his legacy in making a difference wherever and whenever we can. ”
Last year we had 427 hampers donated in two weeks. This year we hope to help 500 families. I know us Aussies can do this! 

with gratitude
Marsha Gusti - President - KwaYa Australia

Marsha Gusti
Kane Gusti 27.8.86 - 28.7.12
Humble Hampers donations deadline 31 Dec 2017
$25 - 1 x hamper - FOOD for ONE family for 2 weeks
$50 - 2 x hampers - FOOD for TWO families for 2 weeks
$75 - 3 x hampers - FOOD for THREE families for 2 weeks
$100 - 4 x hampers - FOOD for FOUR families for 2 weeks
DONATE your own amount of hampers for ?? families
TALLY for Xmas/New Year 2017
(updated daily)
Campaign Start 1.11.17   Campaign End 31.12.17
NOTE: If you purchase a hamper on behalf of someone else, please note their email so we can send them an email on 20 December 2017 outlining your gift on their behalf.

HAMPERS consist of essentials 
such as rice, flour, sugar, beans, 
cassava and maize

"This is what Christmas is truly about. Not giving gifts of 
little use to those who have everything, but giving 
essentials to those who have nothing. "
Marsha Gusti - President - KwaYa
$25 Hamper from me
$25 Hamper from my friend
My Name
My friend's name and email
$50 Hampers from me
$50 Hampers from my friend
My friend's name and email
My Name
$75 Hampers from me
$75 Hampers from my friend
My Name
My friend's name and email
$100 Hampers from me
$100 Hampers from my friend
My friend's name and email
My Name
$?? Hampers from me
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for a 

We have reached our target! 

But we are still taking donations up until 31.12.17
There are thousands of families who need your help. 
If your donation is above $100 please EFT to the account below and send us an email to kwayaaustralia@gmail.com letting us know.
BSB 014636
A/C 269063557
Kwaya Australia